Migrating to Cloud Native Application Architectures Book

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Adoption of cloud-native application architectures is helping many organizations transform their IT into a force for true agility in the marketplace. This O'Reilly report defines the unique characteristics of cloud-native application architectures such as microservices and twelve-factor applications.

Author Matt Stine also examines the cultural, organizational, and technical changes necessary to migrate traditional monolithic applications and service-oriented architectures to cloud-native architectures. You'll also find a Migration Cookbook, with recipes for decomposing monolithic applications into microservices, implementing fault-tolerant patterns, and performing automated testing of cloud-native services.

This report discusses application architectures that include:

  • The Twelve-Factor App: A collection of cloud-native app architecture patterns
  • Microservices: Independently deployable services that do one thing well
  • Self-Service Agile Infrastructure: Platforms for rapid, repeatable, and consistent provisioning of app environments and backing services
  • API-based Collaboration: Published and versioned APIs that allow interaction between services in a cloud-native app architecture
  • Anti-Fragility: Systems that get stronger when subjected to stress
About the Author

Matt Stine, a technical product manager at Pivotal, is a 15-year enterprise IT veteran with experience across numerous business domains. With emphasis on lean/agile methodologies, DevOps, architectural patterns, and programming paradigms, Matt is investigating a combination of techniques to help corporate IT departments function like startups.

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Migrating to Cloud Native Application Architectures Book
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